Charcoal Production

Charcoal Manufacturung with the modern Kiln

Hello all dear firends, you are welcome to charcoal making world. Firstly I will give you some information about :

  1. activated charcoal
  2. outdoor cooking
  3. charcoal production

After you will get some explonations about charcoal burning how it will be.

Also blast furnaces in high heat lump charcoal production. I will help you the form of charcoal with our machines.

There are some conditions to produce charcoal with high temperature. The easiest way to produce black gold, you can burn the wood turn it to products.

The second way is prylosis. This method is invented in ~20’s centuries in USA. He invented the method to save the world.

The first thing, you will put all the woods inside a barrel. and put this barrel into another barrel. Than heat the inside barrel from outside.

The water will come till 100 Celcius. When your inside temperature arrive the 280 Celcius, The wood’s internal structure will deteriorate. with 280-350 Celcius will be enough to produce a perfect qualty product.

if you want to make activated carbon, or a similar material, you will heat the system till 800-900-1000 Celcius. There are pores in the material and these pores will increase when the temperature increases.

The surface area covered by the pores may be expressed in m2. As the surface area covered by these pores and the number of pores increase, the quality of the activated carbon will also increase. can you think that There is a surface area in a grain of sand as much as a football field.

So where is activated carbon used?

Chemical attacks need clean air. Or if we want to filter the water we drink. It can be used before discharging the water from sewers to the sea.

Also, during the Second World War, the men of the Adolf Hitler produced materials that absorbed British radar signals. and they used it in composite surfaces of airplanes. the result was great.

I mean, although these black grains actually look dirty, how interesting they are. recently I saw black colors even on colgate toothpaste. Of course, activated carbon is used in the pharmaceutical industry. Please don’t take it simple by saying carbon.

Some of the important words for the searcher,

  •  activated charcoal
  • outdoor cooking
  • charcoal production
  • charcoal burning
  • blast furnaces
  • high heat
  • high temperature
  • form of charcoal
  • lump charcoal

Palate flavor : It has always pushed people to search. We need energy to cook what we eat. We cook our food with energy resources.

Of course, the most important of these is charcoal produced from wood. There are many different methods to produce charcoal.

The taste of meat products cooked with charcoal is appreciated all over the world. Therefore, the demand for bbq charcoal will continue in the future as always. If you are not a vegetarian of course 🙂

coal furnace

Even when we look at the origin of the word barbeque, charcoal has caused long queues in bars in American culture. The word que means row length.

In some countries, charcoal is used directly as fuel because it is not natural gas or tube. It is preferred because it is easier to ignite and has less smoke and also higher calories.

coal furnace

The charcoal, which was previously produced by the torluk method, is now produced in furnaces in a much cleaner and faster way, on a large scale, with the realization of industrialization. Although the ovens are much more effortless, they also help to preserve the nature existence. While there is a rate of 1 in 7 in the torluk method, this rate is realized with an efficiency of 25% to 33% in furnaces.

Currently, charcoal prices are stable due to the pandemic, but have increased as the summer season approaches. In Mersin, a ton of oak coal can find buyers in cash at a price of approximately 3.75 TL in January. With the summer season, the 4-4.5 TL range will be seen in the wholesale.

Considering that the price of a ton of wood is 400 TL and you choose our systems that work with 25% efficiency, you will get 1600 TL and 1 ton of coal. So we can say that you will have made a profit of 2000 TL per ton. What are you waiting for to step into a sector with such great potential?


Here, as all torches will be removed in accordance with the European Union harmonization laws, because the demand for these furnaces will increase gradually, at the very stage of pollution.

We need to become professional now. It is necessary to adapt to the times. Please call me. I will give you all the detailed information.

We produce your entire system at your location. we buy materials from your city. and we build there. We burn and test and teach you.

Thank you for reading and I would like to welcome you to your precious information.