About Us

Ferit Celal Cengiz started his commercial life in 1976 by producing metal garden furniture. In 1992, he founded Aytekin&Cengiz LTD. ŞTİ with Ahmet Faruk Cengiz and Hasan Aytekin, and began selling iron sheet profile pipes and manufacturing wrought iron products. After several years in the iron sheet profile pipe trade, Hasan Aytekin left the partnership and sold his shares to Ferit Celal Cengiz and Ahmet Faruk Cengiz. The company's name was later changed to CENGİZLER DEMİR SAC MÜH LTD ŞTİ. With the experience gained from 15 years of wrought iron production, the company began manufacturing wrought iron machines in addition to its existing business lines. In the early 2000s, machine sales and exports to neighboring countries, particularly throughout Turkey, began. My dear uncle and namesake, the late Ahmet Faruk Cengiz, was a shareholder in the company until 2012, at which point Celal Cengiz and Soner Faruk Cengiz became the two new partners of CENGİZLER DEMİR SAC MÜH LTD ŞTİ.

Before the start of 2023, Soner Faruk Cengiz purchased all of the company's shares and is now continuing the company's journey with a new energy and synergy. Our machines are in demand, especially in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Algeria, Turkic Republics, Arab countries, African countries, and the Asia-Pacific region, and are even accepted in technology giant countries like the USA and South Korea.

Our company is always ready to assist industry representatives in terms of turnkey wrought iron production lines, trapeze lines, charcoal ovens, metal processing molds, and custom-made machines.



Soner Faruk CENGİZ

I am grateful to Ferit Celal Cengiz...