If you need any special mold, you can contact with us … We mainly produce molds for metal forging and sheet metal shaping. Our molds are produced by directing the prototypes from the prototype stage to the final tests by orienting our expert designers according to the sample of the desired material. On metallurgical material scientist, Mr. Ömer Gülüşen offers molds and materials to us. We thank you for his help. Mold materials are made from materials such as 2344-2379-1040-1050-2667. Material is available in different options. Our molds subjected to heat treatment are 52-54 Rockwell hardness and sometimes up to 65 RW. We usually get double temperament. We have patterned molds that are subjected to sub zero processing. We wait for your molds orders.

Please contact with us to make an order for special mold designs.