Pipe Swaging Machine – BKM01

Tube reducer machine & swaging machine for pipes

In creating hose assemblies, a  machine is used to change the diameter of a metal fitting. for the purpose of retaining it onto the end of a hose. Fitting retention is very important in any hose application. Machine tube is avaiable for all over the world.

The fitting must remain attached to the hose even in adverse conditions. Proper use of a machine is necessary to ensure uptime is maintained throughout the life cycle of a hose assembly. You will get sales service long die with us. Long die swagers and rotary swagers renevation service aviable for you!. call us for used Cnc tube machine.

Effective swaging can also help reduce costly maintenance issues caused by leaking. Other issues related to hose fittings.

Swaging machine products

Tube reducer machine is the most selling machine nowadays. to develop the machine wes really hard. it got too much time to finish the design but not completelly ready swaging machine for pipes. 

Reducing tube

A reducer is a type of pipe fitting used in process pipe that reduces the pipe size from a larger hole to a smaller hole. Pipe reduction allows a change in pipe size to meet system hydraulic flow requirements. Accommodate existing pipes of a different size. The length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the largest and smallest pipe diameters. Charcoal


it was designed by soner faruk cengiz in 2015. We understand the working system of Rotary Swaging Machine. A powerful engine for Pipe Reducing process Diameter Reducer will give you perfect solution. Molds of the Pipe Tube Reducer can be designned according to your dimensions.

All the stairs manufacturer is calling us for rotary pipe tube machine. conical reducing. tube machine and rectangle pipe end reducing machine has a perfect price. Just Call us for Manual tube end forming machine for taper reducing.

Many years of the experience of producing machinery is used for design. We have sold this Rotary Machine to Bisan Company in Turkey for Pipe Reducing. They will use this Diameter Reducer. Pipe Tube Reducer for the bycle pipes.Swaging machine

Rotary pipe tube swaging machine also can help you about conical reducing process.

Tube swaging machine and rectangle pipe end reducing machine has got the similar logic about working system of hammers.

In the Manual tube end forming machine, molds are turning for taper reducing. But in the hammer pipes are torning for Tube reducing.

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Conical reducing, tube swaging machine, rectangle pipe end reducing machine, Manual tube end forming machine for taper reducing.

Pipe Swaging Machine Manufacturers can make pipe to conic. The dimension and shape could be ordered according to custumer needs. And also this system is suitable for decorative pipes works. in united states, if somebody needs forming machinery customer service for custom requirements, he can call me. pipe machine can do smaller diameter fo stainless steel parts. Diameter reducing machine is ready for form metal with satisfaction is guaranteed.