Tube Bender – Universal Ring Roller (PB22)

Tube Bender, Three roller pipe bending machine :

Tube bending machines can be used for economical mass production, from small batches to large volumes. The machine  has all the features related to production. We also supply tools for simple or more complex tube bending applications.

Bender : 

The roll-bending machine is characterized by the presence of three shafts, each of which is fitted with a roller having the contours of the tube, tubular element or section bar to be bent. Machine’s function is hydraulic, but modern digital roll-benders are equipped with a screen where the operator can read data and measurements.

Square tube bending machine:

It is also possible to perform processes on tubes in manual or automatic mode. The speed of the shafts  is adjustable, as is the distance between the rollers. Universal pipe bending machine : This manual pipe bending  machine is suitable for different types of pipes. Tube Bender Especially suitable for heating engineering, pipeline construction etc. For bending pipes from copper, aluminium, various non ferrous metals and other weak metals. You can insert the pipes into this machine and bend at every desired position.

Operated manually by lever of Tube Bending Machines:

This bending machine enables exact bending of round and rectangular pipes. There are 4 fixing boreholes at the cast-iron base to fix to the work bench. Tube bender is a good machine Buy it. three roller pipe bending machine has got poverfull engine. pvc pipe bending machine, universal pipe bender, Tube bending machine cand bend various types of iron bars, pipes and profiles. square tube bending machine, round & square pipe iron bending machine and pipe bender used for developing a Greenhouse Pipes. Greenhouse Pipe Bending Machine uses generally galvanised pipes.

Keys :

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Typical Features:
  1. Our machines’ central of standard rollers are fixed to 36 cm
  2. The rollers make 15 turns per minute.
  3. The engine power is 2.2kw / 380v (1400 turns per minute)
  4. The upper roller’s stroke is 25 cm for Tube Bender
  5. Our machines’ three roller can make a steady line that is necessary to bend a narrow scale.
Tube Bender moldsTube BenderTube BendermoldsTube Bender


2.2 kw – 380 V
Dimensions (WidthxLengthxHeight cm.)
60cm x 85cm x 125cm
  • 1/2 ,3/4 ,1 inch ,1 3/4 ,1 1/2 inch and 2 inch pipes for curving moulds
  • 20×20 20×30 25×25 30×30 30×40 40×40 40×60 moulds for curving profiles
  • Moulds for curving the llamas to 70×10 mm vertically
  • Moulds for curving 12×12 forge square
  • moulds for curving forge retangular iron

Moulds for curving T iron and L iron

80-200 bending/8hours