Vertical Charcoal Furnace CHAR01

Vertical Charcoal Furnace

Our Charcoal Sawdust Briquette is ideal for everyone. It have an Adjustable dampers and vents allow you to control heat. Monitor temperatures with the meter mounted, and with an access door to spread the charcoals without opening the main chamber, you won’t lose heat. Our charcoal sawdust briquette Have a perfect size , and is one of the famous machines used in Argentina and Turkey. We have a great shipment process of our Charcoal Carbonization machine.

Vertical Coal furnace

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Turkey’s coal coal market is largely outside is dependent on the needs of our production volume of coal country 2/5 of the being encounter are met from the remaining 3/5 aliquots import path at this point, the manager in charge of our company Soner Faruk Cengiz that five years ago would investigate the matter gone with the intention to China here, we have seen how coal is produced on site and imported our first furnace from there, and this furnace has been tried several times with this imported furnace but no successful result has been achieved and after this process we started to work on the furnace and developed very different versions but at the final point we reached the most efficient form of carbonization furnace. we saw that there is one pot and one vertical.


Our furnace is built on a single crucible and the edge plates belonging to the crucibles are made of 10mm, the cover and base are made of 12mm sheet, and the stone parts are made of stones resistant to 1200-1500 degrees. Since our furnace is based on the principle of burning its own gas, it does not cause nature pollution as well as low fuel cost and other systems.
The amount of product that it has bought in a pot is in the range of 1250 / 1500kg and the rate is 30% efficient, that is, 450kg products are obtained in 1500kg products and 2000- 2500kg of charcoal can be produced per day.

Charcoal Sawdust Briquette can be carbonised in Biomass Wood Carbonization and Charcoal Carbonization. Continous Charcoal Making is easy with the using Biochar Kiln Carbonization. Charcoal kiln was invented a man who is from USA and patented.


He in ivented this Charcoal Stove to save the air. There no air pollution at Charcoal Oven. nut shell Carbonization, coconut shell Carbonization final ratio is %30. Charcoal Making Machine nad Charcoal Sawdust Briquette Biomass Wood Carbonization are the best choice for making the high qualty caharcoals Charcoal Carbonization and Continous Charcoal Making has got similar design. Biochar Kiln Carbonization and Charcoal kiln burning the metan gases in the process of Charcoal producing. Charcoal Stove, Charcoal Oven so is famamous in Turkey, Bulgaria. nut shell Carbonization is getting less time in the Charcoal Making Machine.

Keys :

Charcoal Sawdust Briquette
Biomass Wood Carbonization
Charcoal Carbonization
Continous Charcoal Making
Biochar Kiln Carbonization
Charcoal kiln
Charcoal Stove
Charcoal Oven
nut shell Carbonization
Charcoal Making Machine

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