The best Turkish press brake and shears

NASA is using Turkish Press Brakes and Shears!

Some of the manufacturer of Turkish press brake machinery  and tooling companies is the most famous brands  in the world. We can provide you the press brake machine according to your spesifications. We will chose the most suitable Press brake tonnage for your work together. if you have any kind of  press brake bending drawings, you can send us to find a used machine from Turkey local market.  At the same time any type of press brake accessories and spare parts can be produced or ready stock parts could be provided you by fast cargo.

What will we need to know your requirements;

  • Table length

  • Maximum bending thickness

Do you know that Made in Turkish Hydraulic press brakes and shears are being used in NASA. But we provide all types of Press brakes for all budgets, not nasa prices 🙂 Also, if you want we can repaint or restoration on the machine so the machine will seem like a new machine.

Press brake axis :

NC-CNC press brakes also avaiable. The stopping stand movement can be set on the PLC screen pannels automaticly with the servo motors support. Press brake controller can be electrical, NC or CNC, it is optional. Some of the CNC sysyem controllers has got angle calculator software. just please say us, your needs and we will find it with the most competitive price.

Actually you know that, hydraulic or mechanical press brakes and hydraulic shears can work together. to get perfect offer for press brake and shear please do not hesitate to contact with us.

About Shipment, 20 year of shipment experience will bring you cost effective shipping cost. We canorganise door to door or port to port shipment. 


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