Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting machine adventages;

We use the best materals on the conturiction of the main body of machine. Because with the strong body, all the servo engines and gear boxes need hard steel body to work faster. Also, HWIN rails and cars, Taiwan or ade in Germany sorvo engineers, Schnider Electrical components will bring you high qualty products. 

Laser cutting service : if you buy a new machine or used machine, no problem, for installation, we can arrange a technician. just you will pay the flying tickets, accomoation, eating fees…

Laser machines also can be used for engraving on the metals, cutting and burning on the models on leather or fabrics. for any type of these kind of systems please contact with us.

What we need to meet you and your work with the best laser cutters.

  1. Actual size of cutting area
  2. Thickness of the material you want to cut

Up to now, We export our machinery to UK, USA, CANADA, Kosova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Grece, Makedonia, Nigeria, Uganda more than 45 countries…

Please contact with us more details.

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