Basic Hydraulic Press – CK01

Basic hydraulic machine: As the machine is horizontal, Hydraulic Moulder can product different designs and bendings with different moulds. It can bend 4000 bay windows for 8 hours. Hydraulic Moulder can cut 30 items per minute. It is for the most part used in the industrial sector, aiding in the end result of producing all sorts of materials. For most companies in the aforementioned sector ranked as a top rubber manufacturer, this machine is a must. Able to cut material in large quantities to very specific dimensions, it’s power and precision make it an absolute necessity that must be properly maintained, and trained personnel along with replacement parts must be available to prevent a lapse in production.

The Hydraulic Moulder can cut the iron max 25*10.As the given moulds are symmetrically designed, 8 sides can be used. Hydraulic Mouldercan bend max 40*10mm, 20mm*20mm iron. Also, if you crush the end of the bars with a hammer, you can also shape the iron with this Hydraulic Moulder. Another model of this machine can be found here. Wrought iron shaping Machine CK02.

When you buy this machine, the horizontal jumba press, you will get an autocad file which includes 22 different designs. When you get this design file for ferforje models, you are going to go a plasma cutter in your city anf you can let cut all tis molds. We make sure to use some of the best industrial materials for all of our products. One of the materials we use the most is rubber. You can read this article about an industrial rubber manufacturer in order to find all of its benefits.

More information;

This Wrought iron machine is a basic machine, it will be like your hand in your shop because when you change the molds you can do every thing not just a wrought irom machine it can bend also pipes, just dream it please, when you put a scroll bending molds you can bend the all cc elements, yes it is correct. 🙂

This machine is so suitable for a Blacksmith Shops and forging, cutting, bending

*If you buy our product, you will be given cutting table that help you product all kinds of decorative parts in our catalogue.

*Our machines have got ISO 9001 and TSE Quality chops. Our CNC department shows its style with our world wide range exports..

Basic Hydraulic Press & Cutting Machine
Piston(outer diameter x Shaft Diameter)
100mm x 50mm
4 kw
Dimensions (Width x length x Height cm.)
450 kg.
  • 1 Window mold
  • 1 Balcony mold
  • 1 cutting mold (8 edge can cut)
  • Autocad design free (22 molds)
Maksimum Bending Thickness
40mm x 10mm, 20mm x 20mm (Soğuk)
Maksimum Cutting Thickness
12mm x 12mm(Soğuk)
Production Capacity
4000 Baskı / 8hours
Hydraulic Moulder
Hydraulic Moulder
Hydraulic Moulder
Hydraulic Moulder