Cold Rolling Embossing Machine – EMBOSE01


Cold rolling embossing machine is being used for cold embossing process and when you use this square steel embossing machine as a embossing machine all kind of hammered bars and hammered tubes will bring you money. iron embossing and tube embossing generally being used all Blacksmith in the world.

Cold rolling embossing machine

It can produce a truck of profiles, ferforje, ferro bottuto, fierforjat, floral design of tube hammering in a day with the maximumum quantity. good quality metal craft embossing machine, flat iron cold rolling embossing machine, pipe embossing machine, ellsen cold rolling embossing machine products can be exported to all of the countries.

You will like using of embossing machine in cold rolling embossing machine process. Rount bars can be turn in a Flat steels with a floral design of tube hammering in a Blacksmith shop. Machine manufacturers in Turkey produces forging materials. Always in our advertisement is rolling embossing machine for sale

Ferro battuto :

ferforje, ferforge, fierforjat widelly giving enjoy to Blacksmiths. Cengizler wrought iron machinery iron craft equipment will bring you high quality to forged iron materials, to your hammered iron bars, square steel

Embossing roller mechanism,

it is being made from high qualty Germany molds material to get ferro battuto, ferforje, ferforge, fierforjat, flat steel.
cold rolling embossing machine is going to bring you perfect forged iron materials, hammered iron bars, hammered square steels, hammered round steel, hammered square pipes and tubes, iron patterns cold rolling embossing machine to the all Blacksmith shops.

Wrought iron materials,

before being manufacturede manually but now, iron hammering, iron embossing, square steel embossing, round steel embossing,  ferro battuto , ferforje, ferforge, fierforjat, flat steel,floral design of tube by the cold rolling embossing machine means embossing machine We provide to all over the world wrought iron cold rolling embossing machinemachinery iron craft equipment from turkey. Up to now, our wrought iron machinery iron craft equipment has been sold to UK, England USA, Romania, Kosova, Egtypt.

All this custumers

They are using embossing machine to cold rolling embossing machine process. if you want to Produce ferro battuto, ferforje, ferforge, fierforjat, flat steel with Cengizler iron hammering machine you are in the correct place of Blacksmith. Buy it, square steel embossing machine, round steel embossing machine is going to give you art, easy setting, long life of iron hammering,  iron cold rolling embossing machine, ferro battuto, ferforje, ferforge, fierforjat, flat steel. In Uganda one of our custumers, has earn lots of money with buying embossing machine.

This cold rolling embossing machine, finally,

it has been produced forged iron materials like hammered iron bars, square steel embossing, round steel embossing, square pipe embossing machinemold patterns, iron hammering, iron embossing, wrought iron materials. Than the custumer sold these material in just one week and get the price of the machine.

Details are Below,

It is used to wrought the filled cold iron bars and profiles

  • Retangular Bars :
  • 12×6 mm, 16×8 mm, 20×5 mm, 25×5 mm, 30×5 mm, 20×8 mm, 25×8 mm, 30×8 mm, 40×8 mm, 20×10 mm, 30×10 mm, 40×10 mm, 50×10 mm, 60×10 mm
  • Square Bars (COLD):
  • 10×10 mm, 12×12 mm, 14×14 mm, 16×16 mm, 18×18 mm, 20×20 mm, 25x25mm
  • Profiles (minimum thickness : 1,5mm) :
  • 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm, 40x40mm, 50x50mm, 60x60mm, 20x30mm, 20x40mm, 30×40- 3Ox5O mm, 40x60mm, 40x80mm, 60x80mm.

Its daily production capacity is ~15 tones (40x10mm iron/8hours). the necessary moulds are given for world wide production. On your demand, different designed moulds can be produced. Optionally, Speed control pannel can be added. alternative EMBOSE02

Details ,

One of the most complex of the machines we have produced rolling mill has been processed by our expert staff on all materials that have never been avoided from any workmanship. Unlike other companies, the wrought iron embosing machine supplied with the standard 19 mold is able to make a corner forging up to 100 × 100 mm box profile and powerful motor. It has the capacity to manufacture 15 tons per day with the combination of reducer.

Metallic embossing machine design is coming from Germany Glaser Company. Actually this company has closed but our handrail embossing machine is making its task perfectly. As a result of this is the perfect choice to produce handrails.

Cold Rolling Machines

it is our made in private, and users can optionally be offered lama and erase patterns with a magnificent view arisen from the mill can produce materials, different patterns of our our machines as you can see on our website all provinces in Turkey and in the world in many countries (USA, EGYPT, ALGERIA, THAILAND, BULGARIA , ROMANIA, IRAQ etc.). Also, with the optional speed control unit, the user is provided with easy usage options, you can visit our addresses at to see our wrought iron and floral desing models.

*Our machines

it have got ISO 9001 and TSE Quality chops. Our CNC department shows its style with our world wide range exports. anytime sales service is avaiable for wrought iron equipment to produce flat iron square steel with flat iron cold rolling embossing machine at amb-g7 frequency.

ENGINE POWER 7.5 kw / 56 Turns
Optional Hardware Floral Molds
Dimensions (Width x length x Height cm.) 125 x 153 x 142 cm
WEIGHT 900kg.
Molds (Free of Charge)
  • Clamp line 1 Set (2 molds)
  • Double Way 1 set (1 mold)
  • Single Way 1 set (2 molds)
  • Square-iron bar Single Way 1 set (2 molds)
  • Profiles 1 set (4 molds)
  • Filled iron bars 2 set (8 molds)
Moulds (Extra Paid)
  • All of the extra moldels, figured models need extra payment.
Production Capacity
  • 20×20 square profile 24.000 pieces / moulds
  • 30×30 square profile 15.000 pieces / moulds
  • 30×10 iron bar7.250 pieces / moulds
  • 40×10 iron bar 5.300 pieces / moulds
  • Moulds can be used 3-4 years
  • We can supply new moulds very reasonable prices.
PRICE Please contact us satis{at}
WARRANTY The product of cold rolling embossing machine is under our firm’s warranty for 12 months after it is delivered. The electric items and engine of the machine is out of warranty. If it is needed Cengizler Wrought Iron Products Factory may send one of its workers to solve the problems of the products. It is our customers’ responsibility to afford the sent workers’ flight fee, accommodation, eating and drinking costs and his daily fee, and the shipment of the spare part
PAYMENT %50 deposit, %50 before shipment
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machine depot
cold rolling embossing machine
cold rolling embossing machine
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cold rolling embossing machine

cold rolling embossing machine

cold rolling embossing machine


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