wrought iron end press fishtail shaping machine, hot roll fishtail making machine Electric Hot-Roll Fishtails Making machine is the newest type machine in the result of our CENGIZLER MACHINES and experienced-test.It is based on the improvement in the part of rolling material of old type change ecentric roller into eccentric shaft,make the roll change into three groove form,to increase three working life than the others,the flat roller added in outer side can make the square bar and round bar be sharp points and pressed-flat. Also we have  blacksmith fishtail press tool , that is perfect for adding fishtail to any of your products.

This new machine can process the tail pipe,square pipe,square steel,flat iron,round steel and other materials. Precessed products only change the length of the width of the same,both beautiful and generous.


The fishtail roll forming machine that produces fierforjat is a team Special hot-rolled wrought iron in the decorative industry which is Mainly used for fishtail. You can analyze various materials.

steel like square steel, round steel and flat iron etc. After heating the processed materials, the wrought iron fishtail forging machine can mold. The materials in the form of fishtail at the same time under the different dies. In addition to directly enabling, finished fish tails can be processed per second Once for other uses, for example, they can be folded into wrought iron flowers. Also, before From fishtail molding, hot rolled fishtail mill can be stamping. First with flowers so that the finished products can be further processed. Coach Fishtail is applied to various decorative markets for different needs of the customers.


The fishtail coining machine is a widely used machine for cored wrought iron machines. It is designed to process steels for decoration. The fishtail coining machine is also called hot rolling mill. Because we need to heat steel materials before using this machine.

The ornamental fishtail pressing machine is becoming more and more popular in many countries, such as Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Tanzania and India, etc. This machine can manufacture steels with different patterns The products made by the hot rolling mill are similar to fish tails.
That is why people call this machine a fishtail coining machine.

WROUGHT IRON : The art of iron provides you with a wide range of wrought iron elements for the realization of works such as doors, rails, fences, balconies, pillars and various decorations for the home and garden.
The art form represented by wrought iron feeds two human needs: protection and beauty with Hot-roll metal craft tool Fishtail Mill equipment.

Wrought iron works are works of art that always remain in current fashion trends, regardless of the period we are in or the modern influences of the time that occur along the way. sell wrought iron elements for doors, balconies, elements for railings and fences, starting pillars, pillars and covering elements for pillars, railings and handles, elements for fences, side fasteners and ornaments for home and garden and earn money.

Other Details

Fishtail shaping machine and ornamental fishtail press machine will give you best view for you final designs. fishtail forming machine is the main machine for ferro battuto, fierforjat. wrought iron machinery iron craft equipment and blacksmith fishtail press tool can work many years. Electric Hot-Roll Fishtails Making Machine and hot-rolled fishtail mill shaping machine was built for blacksmiths. We use 2379 special material for Hot-roll metal craft tool Fishtail Mill equipment’s molds.

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fishtail shaping machine

fishtail shaping machine

It presses the hook parts of either cold or hot iron bars from 10×3 to 12×6. Cold Thickness : max 8mm , Hot Thickness : max 12mm

4 kw
Dimensions (Width x length x Height cm.)
117 x 78 x 120
Production Capacity
12mmx6mm, 1200 p/ 8 hours