BIG Hydraulic Moulder & Cutting Machine (CK02)

Hydraulic Moulder : Hydraulic molder is one kind of ornamental wrought iron machines. It is used to extrude metals into different arcs, angles and other irregular forms. Ellsen wrought iron hydraulic moulder can extrude metal materials like flat iron, round steel and square steel into various shapes for once. This machine can process steels and irons into different rounds, arcs and other shapes.

Hydraulic moulder products are popular in the municipal garden, furniture industry and some other fields.

Description of Hydraulic Forming Machine : The wrought iron machine is a special set of ornamental iron machine which is mainly used to make various metal craft items. After simple processing, ordinary materials can be turned into high quality metal craft products. The appearance of these excellent ornamental iron machines, for example torsion machine, stamping machine, pattern bending machine, fishtail forging machine and hammer machine etc., make the industry from traditional decoration to become a superior art industry. They improve work efficiency and reduce work intensity.

blacksmith hydraulic moulder : Hydraulic Moulder is the best selling Machine in Romania and Algeria markets. Hydraulic Forming Machine has got more than 20 different molds. blacksmith hydraulic moulder with the other name Ornamental Hydraulic Moulder is the indispensable machine for your work shop. Metal Craft Hydraulic Moulder and Hydraulic Bending Wrought Iron Machine can be provided to you, if you want used and renowated. Horizontal Hydraulic Wrought Iron Press Forming Machine and Hydraulic Steel Bending And Iron Forming Wrought Iron Machine has got 1 year quarantee.

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BIG Hydraulic Press & Cutting Machine: As the machine is horizontal, it can product different designs and bendings with different moulds. It can bend 5000 bay windows for 8 hours. It can cut 35 items per minute. It can cut the iron max 40*10. As the given moulds are symmetrically designed, 8 sides can be used that makes it more lasting. It can bend max 40*10mm, 25mm*25mm iron.

BIG Hydraulic Press & Cutting Machine
Piston(outer diameter x Shaft Diameter)
120mm x 70mm
7,5 kw
Dimensions (Width x length x Height cm.)
500 kg.
  • 1 Windows
  • 1 Balcony
  • 1 Cutting (8 edge can be used)
  • Free Autocad File  : 22 Molds
Maksimum Bending Thickness
50mm x 10mm, 25mm x 25mm (cold)
Maksimum Cutting Thickness
40mm x 10mm(cold)
Production Capacity
5000 Baskı / 8hours