Basic Hydraulic Press & Cutting Machine (Code: CK01)

Basic hydraulic machine: As the machine is horizontal, it can product different designs and bendings with different moulds. It can bend 4000 bay windows for 8 hours. It can cut 30 items per minute. It can cut the iron max 25*10.As the given moulds are symmetrically designed, 8 sides can be used that makes it more lasting. It can bend max 40*10mm, 20mm*20mm iron.

*If you buy our product, you will be given cutting table that help you product all kinds of decorative parts in our catalogue.

*Our machines have got ISO 9001 and TSE Quality chops. Our CNC department shows its style with our world wide range exports..

Basic Hydraulic Press & Cutting Machine
Piston(outer diameter x Shaft Diameter)
100mm x 50mm
4 kw
Dimensions (Width x length x Height cm.)
450 kg.
  • 1 Window mold
  • 1 Balcony mold
  • 1 cutting mold (8 edge can cut)
  • Autocad design free (22 molds)
Maksimum Bending Thickness
40mm x 10mm, 20mm x 20mm (Soğuk)
Maksimum Cutting Thickness
12mm x 12mm(Soğuk)
Production Capacity
4000 Baskı / 8hours