Induction Heating system (Code: IND01)


Technique Features:

  1. Power Control Unit
  2. High Frequency output Transformers
  3. Pedal
  4. Control Units: Transformer Station – Pedal
  5. Power: 50 KW
  6. Frequency : 12 KHz

Typical Features;

  1. It works with electric and it compansates one day wrought iron production heat.
  2. In 2,5 seconds, it make the iron red
  3. It minimizes heating expenditure
  4. Red iron can be hold from the other side with hands. In the same time, it is cleaner, faster, more practical than LPG or coal.
  5. To operate properly, it needs steady voltage (380V 100) and cooling water (3-6 bar) without lime
  6. Water heat may be 5-10 up or below room temparature. The imbalance between voltage, extra pressure on machine, decrease in water pressure or increase water heat (upper than 70c) makes the machine take itself stand by. It wont work until these problems are solved
  7. As high voltage in the working bobbins is impossible, it won’t damage the workers’ health
  8. It shouldn’t be given energy without earthing electric as there is high frequency magnetic stream in the machine. Radio, Tv or mobile phones shouldn’t be near the machine otherwise they will decrease its performance.
  9. Working frequency may change according to resonance frequency of the materials to be heated from 1.7 khz to 12 khz. The unit shouldn’t be forced to work 100 ampere for 50 KW or 200 ampere for 100 KW otherwise emergency led will flash. When this light is seen, the electric of the machine should be cut off and after waiting 5 mins, the machine should be started