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Charcoal Kiln (KILN)

img/urunler/xf2000/a perfect charcoal from kiln.webp

xf2000/a perfect charcoal from kiln.
img/urunler/xf2000/big scale production.webp

xf2000/big scale production.
img/urunler/xf2000/charcoal dust.webp

xf2000/charcoal dust.
img/urunler/xf2000/charcoal kiln moisture fan.webp

xf2000/charcoal kiln moisture fan.
img/urunler/xf2000/charcoal pots.webp

xf2000/charcoal pots.
img/urunler/xf2000/ferit celal cengiz is testing the furnace of carbonisation.webp

xf2000/ferit celal cengiz is testing the furnace of carbonisation.
img/urunler/xf2000/first tist of the kiln.webp

xf2000/first tist of the kiln.
img/urunler/xf2000/heat indicator temperature connected inner pot.webp

xf2000/heat indicator temperature connected inner pot.
img/urunler/xf2000/insulation material.webp

xf2000/insulation material.
img/urunler/xf2000/lots of charcoal.webp

xf2000/lots of charcoal.
img/urunler/xf2000/mpisture is going away.webp

xf2000/mpisture is going away.
img/urunler/xf2000/new horizontal continue system of charcoal furnace.webp

xf2000/new horizontal continue system of charcoal furnace.
img/urunler/xf2000/old methood of charcoal manufacturing.webp

xf2000/old methood of charcoal manufacturing.
img/urunler/xf2000/one bag citrus charcoal.webp

xf2000/one bag citrus charcoal.
img/urunler/xf2000/putting woods in to pots.webp

xf2000/putting woods in to pots.
img/urunler/xf2000/soner faruk cengiz and erkan akcaber developed and produced this furnace.webp

xf2000/soner faruk cengiz and erkan akcaber developed and produced this furnace.
img/urunler/xf2000/starch to produce press charcoal.webp

xf2000/starch to produce press charcoal.
img/urunler/xf2000/wonderful result charcoal from our furnace.webp

xf2000/wonderful result charcoal from our furnace.
Our furnace consists of two pots. The woods placed in the pots are subjected to carbonization without direct contact with the fire. Since the combustible gas produced by the wood at high temperatures is burned within the furnace itself, both energy savings and minimization of gases emitted into the atmosphere are achieved. Our furnace is constructed using high-temperature resistant fire bricks, insulation materials, and sheet metal. According to the retort system, it yields 10-15% more final, dust-free product. One worker can control several furnaces simultaneously. The biggest advantage of this system is that you can ignite the second pot with the gas produced by the first pot. You don't need fuel for the second pot.
Technical Specifications
Weight : Approximately 7500-8000kg
Pot Dimensions : 150cm(Diameter) x 200cm(Length)
Pot Inner Volume : 3.5325m3 x 2
Optional Feature Smoke production with wet chimney cleaning filter
Efficiency %33
Daily Net Coal Capacity 1000~1200kg
Ignition Wood Requirement 80-120kg
Maximum Temperature 500 Celsius

The four important advantages of the barbecue charcoal furnace are:
It doesn't harm the environment by using its own gas and contributes to our economy.
Due to its high-quality insulation materials, it enables fuel savings.
Tanks made from 310-grade stainless steel are long-lasting.
Fire bricks can withstand temperatures higher than 1000°C.
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Why Should You Chose This Product?
It can operate without the need for electricity during production.
The emergency button is available in our machine for emergency situations.
According to the retort system, it ensures fast and consistently high-quality production.
We manufacture steel box for transportation, ensuring that your machinery remains undamaged during shipment.

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Educational and Consulting Services: We provide training and consultancy services to customers for the correct and effective use of our products.
We are proud: Our machines are operating in more than 50 countries.
Professional After-Sales Support and Service: We offer after-sales support and service to our customers.
The machine you purchase is covered by our companys warranty for 12 months.

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Thanks to this machine, my productivity has soared to new heights!" - Alejandro, Meksika
Thanks for this remarkable machine, it's been a real game-changer for me!" - Luca, Italy
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