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Screw Press (FR80)

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Friction Forging Press: Molds and Aesthetic Model Production Friction forging presses play an important role in the process of wrought iron production. These machines are used with aesthetic models and molds. Wrought iron can be defined as the process of shaping metal materials by applying mechanical load to hot surfaces. Friction forging presses assist in the forging of metal materials during this process. Wrought iron model production is a technique used to shape metal materials for aesthetic purposes. It requires various tools and equipment such as forging presses, molds, and heating equipment. Friction forging presses are among these tools. Friction forging presses are important tools used in the forging of wrought iron materials. These machines assist in the forging of metal materials by applying mechanical load to the hot surface. Friction forging presses accelerate the production process by increasing the speed and efficiency of the forging process. Molds also play an important role in wrought iron model production. Molds are like templates used in shaping wrought iron materials. Molds are used by friction forging presses to assist in shaping metal materials. Friction forging presses have the ability to apply mechanical load required for the production of wrought iron models and molds. These machines facilitate the production process by increasing efficiency and speed in the production of aesthetic models and molds. In conclusion, friction forging presses are important tools for the production of aesthetic models and molds in the wrought iron production process. Although we have the design of an 80-ton friction press, in general, we are working on this machine second-hand. This way, we can offer more economical solutions to our valued customers. By renewing all the working parts of the friction press you purchased, we provide you with a machine that is almost like new. During the revision, the machine's shaft, shaft sleeve, bearing, pneumatic start-stop system, brakes, and electrical-electronic system are either renewed or repaired. Generally, we focus on 80-120 ton presses as we cater to the wrought iron sector. With the added stock point switch on the machine, the press can be stopped at the desired point, allowing adjustment of the pressure amount. When combined with a sledgehammer and induction heating, the friction press will provide you with maximum efficiency in production. Thanks to our 2344 and quenched and tempered mold made from steel, you will be able to perform the forging process of 12 × 12 millimeter 30 centimeter iron in a single stroke. Normally used in bolt production and auto spare parts industry, friction presses will provide you and our customers with fast, stable, and consistently high-quality products in wrought iron production. To access all the molds you can use with the friction press, simply send a "hello" message via the WhatsApp button on the side.

Machine Details

Motor 15 kW
Table Size 400x450mm
Control System Pneumatic and foot pedal control
Start/Stop Control Adjustable Switch
Weight 6 Tons
Warranty Our company provides a 12-month warranty from the delivery of the product. The warranty does not cover electrical components and the motor. When necessary, Cengizler Machinery Company sends a technician to resolve issues. The customer is responsible for the technician's travel, accommodation, meals, daily allowances, and the transportation cost of necessary spare parts.
Payment 50% deposit, 50% before delivery
Delivery Terms Mersin Factory

Translate: 4 Important Advantages of Using Friction Press in Your Production
You can produce the desired model in a single stroke.
Profit from low maintenance costs.
Pneumatic piston and switch-controlled brake system.
Adjustable ram height.
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Why Should You Chose This Product?
The threaded shaft and bronze have been ground to be fully compatible with each other.
The emergency button is available in our machine for emergency situations.
It will triple your daily production.
We manufacture steel box for transportation, ensuring that your machinery remains undamaged during shipment.

The Most Popular Machine in Turkey. 4 Reasons
Educational and Consulting Services: We provide training and consultancy services to customers for the correct and effective use of our products.
We are proud: Our machines are operating in more than 50 countries.
Professional After-Sales Support and Service: We offer after-sales support and service to our customers.
The machine you purchase is covered by our companys warranty for 12 months.

Comments from Happy Customers :)
"Тази машина наистина направи живота ми по-лесен, благодаря!" - Иван Иванов
"With this machine, I've been able to accomplish tasks more efficiently, thanks!" - Radu Ionescu
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User-Friendly Design, Saving Time and Energy!
While our products provide high quality and reliability, we offer our customers economical solutions with competitive prices.
Hundreds of references worldwide. And happy customers :)
Affordable Spare Parts Service, Even if the Warranty Period Expires, We Still Support You!

"Order now to turn your dream wrought iron designs into reality and add a new dimension to your art!"
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